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Just so we're clear: you're here because you don't run with the herd.

You don't follow fashion. You set fashion.
You're smart, you're funny. People can feel it when you're in the room. They get a charge out of just being around you. And you demand culture in your life. Served up smart, with a sly wit.

This is the art of your tribe.

Vibrant, original paintings with the same intelligence and wit you show every day; it's so much more than wall decor. In styles to match your vibe: realism to abstraction, even psychedelic.

It all comes from a life devoted to unfettered exploration and discovery. Tuned to the mad poetry of the late-night soul. This is art from the wild. Prepare to be surprised and delighted.

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Secure online purchasing through websites you know and trust. Limited low-cost framing available for many pieces. All unframed works can be returned, undamaged, within 30 days of purchase for a refund of the price paid for the art. That means you can try 'em out first for the cost of shipping. So worth it.

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